Kirkley Elizabeth

"God made man because He loves stories." - Elie Wiesel, The Gates of the Forest


My name is Kirkley Elizabeth, and I’m a published writer of fiction and creative non-fiction. My latest projects are a middle-grade historical adventure novel with fantastical elements, and a memoir.

The seed of my debut novel was planted when my husband I and were sitting in Sabrina’s Cafe in Callowhill, Philadelphia one autumn.  It was Thanksgiving weekend, and we somehow got onto the topic of unique Thanksgiving traditions in our great country.  Out of one of those traditions, the idea for my debut middle grade novel was born. The book touches on themes of democracy vs. authoritarianism, the power that one individual has to shape the course of history, and the power of imagination to create reality. I am currently seeking representation for this middle grade adventure novel with fantastical elements.

My memoir, another completed manuscript at 80,000 words, centers on my family, my coming of age, and my travels throughout China, where I lived for two and a half years.