From the early days when my father read Sherlock Holmes to me and my little brother, or created fantastical yarns about vampires chasing him at the Jersey shore, I knew that I wanted to tell stories.

I am a former Leighton Artists Colony writing fellow at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.  My work has been published in Turk’s Head Review‘s best pieces of the year, 34th Parallel, Philadelphia Weekly, The Write Launch, Litro Magazine‘s #EssaySaturday column, Extract(s), and elsewhere.

I also had a brief stint as an English language editor at InTouch Zhejiang and Hangzhou Weekly in China.

Please contact me at the email below if you are a novelist or fiction writer and would like a complimentary beta read of the first page of your novel or fiction project.    

I am also an experienced writing coach and college-level ESOL writing instructor, helping hundreds of students learn English at such universities as MIT, Zhejiang University in China, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Please contact me at the email below to learn more about how I can help you improve your writing skills in English, whether English is your first language, or if you are an ESL learner!  

Contact: kirkleyiskirkley@gmail.com

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