Kirkley Elizabeth: Writer

"God made man because He loves stories." - Elie Wiesel, The Gates of the Forest

Creative Writing Publications

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*Note: these stories were published under the name “Kirkley Mehndiratta.”

  1. “Tweets I Could Have Tweeted”  published at The Write Launch
  2. “The Doctor Empties His Pockets”  published in Turks Head Review print issue and re-published in a limited selection of its best pieces of the year
  3. “The Beautiful Family”. Published in 34th Parallel Magazine
  4. “Thanksgiving, 1991: Eight” Published in Extract(s) 
  5. “The Email That I Just Sent my Psychiatrist was a Tour de Force of Sanity and Grace” published in LitroNY’s #EssaySaturday column
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